Our Leaders

The New Creation Church of God is now evolving under the leadership of Pastor Samuel J. Sylvestre. He has been a member of the church since 1981. He recently graduated from the Boyce Bible College in Brooklyn, New York, which Dr. Thomas Jean-Baptiste currently presides. Pastor Samuel Sylvestre is a faithful servant of God, and a passionate leader, one who is truly dedicated to convey the gospel of Jesus-Christ. He is a gift from God to the New Creation Church of God family, always at work, leaping forward and constantly striving for excellence. Pastor Samuel sets his own goals aside to make sure the gift in everyone else is at work.

Reverend Rony Regis is a well respected member of our staff committee. He is also the leader of the Gideon group – as you will note later, this group goes to different houses to pray, support and help believers maintain a motivated spiritual life. He has been with the church since 1994.

Reverend Olesse Vicsama is a proud member of our staff committee, a member of the deacon committee and a counselor/coordinator with the youth group. He is responsible for promoting the good news of Jesus-Christ. He is currently attending the center of formation and reeducation for spiritual leaders. He joined the church since 1997.

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